Dipula’s board recognises that good governance and strong, strategic and ethical leadership create shareholder value and confidence.

Dipula has mindfully interpreted and applied King IV in a manner that is appropriate for the organisation and the REIT sector in which it operates. To this end, the board has adopted an appropriate governance framework for the group. The board oversees the implementation of the governance framework, which it believes has resulted in the group being a good corporate citizen and achieving an honest and ethical culture, good performance, effective control within the organisation and legitimacy with stakeholders.

The group’s governance framework monitors the adherence to all applicable legislation, regulations and codes.

The board is confident that the group has substantially adopted the principles and contains the majority of the disclosure requirements of King IV.

Dipula is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics, transparency and good governance when delivering on strategic growth initiatives. The board is the ultimate guardian of the group’s ethics and is supported in this regard by the social and ethics committee.

The Dipula Code of Ethics and Conduct is echoed in the principles found in our board and committee charters, all within the regulatory framework of the JSE Listing Requirements and King IV.

Both a Whistle Blowing Policy and Fraud Policy and Response Plan outline Dipula’s zero tolerance for fraud. We aim to constantly raise fraud awareness amongst employees and other stakeholders and offer appropriate training internally to this end.